Great stories about good people caught in difficult situations.

Visit Alex the Fey Thriller Series

Alex the Fey Thriller Series

Alex the Fey thriller series is a tense, dangerous adventure with heart pounding relationships you will never forget. If you love a strong female character caught in suspenseful mystery with plenty of action, you will not be disappointed.

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The Denver Cereal

Denver Cereal Series

Denver Cereal is a sweet and crunchy ride through urban life. Set in Uptown, Denver, Colorado, the Denver Cereal is a traditional serial fiction and is published as it’s written.

Denver Cereal is free to read online for everyone. No subscription required.

Seth and Ava Mysteries

Seth and Ava Mysteries

The Seth and Ava Mysteries feature Seth O’Malley, a piano prodigy and retired police detective, and Ava, a talented forensic scientist, as they unravel complicated mysteries set against the landscape of the Western United States.

Suffer a Witch

Suffer a Witch

The story follows Emogene Peres, who just happened to be hanged as a witch in Salem, Massachusets in 1692.

Queen of Cool

Queen of Cool

The Queen of Cool is an intense mystery filled with insurmountable odds, covert government operations, and toxic weapons, where a courageous heroine risks it all in the name of love. Set against the backdrop of Fort Worth, Texas, the Queen of Cool was originally published as a serial fiction.

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